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Cars are no longer just a means to get from the Raceway in Monmouth County to Wildwood in Cape May County NJ. They are treated more like showpieces as enthusiasts modify their cars to further enhance performance and appearance. With the help of our car modification shop in Eatontown NJ, your car can truly stand out from the crowd.

What is it & Why Do NJ Car Owners Care?

Car modification in NJ is a process under which stock parts are upgraded. You can modify almost every aspect of your car which can lead to a change in the overall performance of the car and its lifespan. Some parts are specific to performance modifications such as the engine and spark plugs, while others can change both the appearance and performance, like a lightweight body kit. Whatever you are considering you can call our helpful technicians at our auto parts nj store.

Common Types of Car Mods in New Jersey

Car customization, another term used for modification, can be divided into three main categories under which you have different ways of customization. These are:

Best Performance Modifications

Any services done to the car to improve its performance are a performance modification. There are different performance features that can be modified such as speed, fuel efficiency, and handling. Performance upgrades exist for each system such as an engine upgrade, change of exhaust system, car tuning, and an improved braking system.

Most common performance modifications we offer to our customers in Monmouth County and New Jersey:

  • Supercharger or turbocharger
  • Suspension
  • Brakes upgrade
  • Exhaust upgrade

If you are in need of top quality but affordable local aftermarket, Italian and custom or performance parts AW has you covered at our local parts shop in Eatontown.

Top Functional Modifications

Functional car modification in NJ adds a feature to the car that is not already present. For example, adding a sunroof to a car or upgrading the stereo system to a touchscreen navigation/entertainment system are functional modifications.

Most common functional modifications:

  • Sunroof additions
  • Navigation system upgrades
  • Parking sensor
  • Rear camera for parking assistance

Aesthetic Modifications

Aesthetic car modification in NJ is done to alter the look of the car. You can work on both the interior and exterior of the car. Motor vehicle owners generally opt for this modification to make their cars more attractive; however, an aesthetic modification can also enhance the car’s performance. There are numerous auto kits available that not only make your car appear sporty but also improve its aerodynamics and stability.

Most common aesthetic modifications:

  • Body kits
  • Decal work
  • Upgraded head and tail lights
  • New Paint job

Why Modify Your Vehicle?

Drivers opt for car modification in NJ for various reasons with the top two being performance and aesthetic. However, it is important to note that through modification you can also give your car a longer lifespan.


You may love the performance of a car but not the way it looks. Since automobiles, trucks, and motorcycles are made to appeal to the general public, you may not find every aspect of it appealing. This is where auto customization comes into play. Through modification, you can change different aspects of the car from the bumpers to the seats. You can customize it completely to your liking. Never feel embarrassed by the state of your motor vehicle again.

Improved Performance on NJ Roads & Highways

You can never be 100% satisfied with your car’s or truck’s performance. Deep down, you know you want it to be faster or provide a smoother drive. You can achieve this from auto-tuning and modifying the car from the smallest of aspects such as spark plugs to the most important components like the engine. When it comes to performance, the possibility of upgrades is endless. You can completely change how an automobile performs through modifications.a

Longer Life

The process of automobile customization can enhance the life of your car. If done properly, the modifications add more value to your car which also impacts its longevity. However, many car owners can go overboard with the modifications especially in terms of performance, hurting the car in the long run.

When opting for car modification in NJ, it is important that you be aware which upgrades will most likely have an impact on your auto insurance. Modified motor vehicles tend to have a higher premium since drivers enjoy making the most of their faster, more attractive vehicles.

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Visit AW Auto in Eatontown within Monmouth County for all your car mod needs. Our technicians specialize in all types of performance, aesthetics, and functional car modifications in NJ. Whether you need a turbocharger, body kit installation, or decal work we can help you improve your car.

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