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As a car owner, if there were anything you could change about your car what would it be? Most, if not all, would answer, “I want to improve performance” which usually means go faster. You know, be more ‘fast and furious’. No one wants to drive a basic car, and with so many ways to upgrade your car, why should you settle for average? You can make the most basic of cars, faster and much more efficient with the help of performance parts. Our team of technicians is here to help you with the best performance parts in NJ.

What Performance Parts do for a Car?

You can find various performance parts that enhance your car in different ways. They aren’t just limited to making your car faster but also can improve handling and fuel economy amongst other things. When installing performance parts, you replace the factory-fitted part with a more efficient one. This allows your car to perform better as the improved part is less restrictive. You can push your car to its full potential with these performance parts.

Most Common Parts Used To Improve Performance

There is an ongoing list of car parts you can upgrade with performance parts in NJ. Of course, you don’t need to upgrade everything. The most common performance parts in NJ that you will find and should probably upgrade are:

  1. Spark Plugs: Most car owners should know that if they are looking to add a little power to their car, then one of the simplest ways to do this is by replacing the stock spark plugs. Spark plugs control the combustion process, so if you want better fuel economy and more power, then upgrading the spark plugs is a good place to start.
  2. Engine Control Unit: The stock ECU is set at parameters that usually do not fully utilize the capacity of the car. This is a precaution that car manufacturers take for safety purposes. You can upgrade and reprogram the ECO to improve engine performance, making it more powerful and efficient.
  3. Cold-Air Intake: Engines tend to heat up which impacts their performance. With a cold-air intake, your car breathes much better which will automatically improve overall performance. The cold air will also help the engine stay cool and perform at an optimal level for a longer period of time.
  4. Exhaust System: The exhaust system of your car is more than important. Think of it is as the respiratory system of the car. You need to make sure the exhaust system stays in top-notch shape. With a high-flow exhaust, your engine will feel less pressure as it will receive good airflow. This results in a slight increase in horsepower and overall performance.
  5. Braking System: You always want to make sure your braking system is in excellent shape. There are different types of braking systems available from electronic to ABS. You want a braking system that is responsive and safe. You can even find automatic systems that automatically initiate braking before collisions.
  6. Suspension: There are different elements within the car’s suspension that you can change, from the parts in the subframe to the chassis. Upgrading these parts will help improve the handling and speed of the car.
  7. Drivetrain: The drivetrain includes numerous different parts such as clutches, gears, and flywheels. Upgrading the stock equipment with performance parts will lead to an increase in speed and efficiency. These parts are delicate, however, so the upgrade needs to be handled with care.

From spark plugs to drivetrains, you can find a wide variety of performance parts in NJ at our performance shop.

Why Put High Performing Parts on Your Car?

While most car owners upgrade to performance parts in NJ only when the specific part needs to be replaced, you can drastically improve your car’s performance by upgrading parts at any time. As mentioned above, you don’t have to replace everything, and even the smallest of upgrades can have an impact on power, handling, responsiveness, and other aspects of the car.

Improved Airflow

Improved airflow from a better exhaust system has an impact on fuel efficiency, the power and acceleration of the car, and the noise produced by the car. It is a great upgrade with an excellent return on investment.

Increase Horsepower and Torque

There are various ways you can increase your car’s horsepower with the help of performance parts in NJ. These include:

  • Improved air-intake
  • Better exhaust system
  • Larger throttle body
  • Super or turbochargers for those who want to go all out

Reduce Car Weight

You can swap out stock pieces with lighter performance parts in NJ to make your car lighter. This drastically improves handling, fuel efficiency, and speed. You can also replace elements of the body such as bumpers with lighter weight material, so your car is more efficient.

More Control

Parts, such as tires, can be changed on the car to provide you more control. The traction of the car improves, giving you more grip on the road. Pair that with a better braking system and drivetrain parts, and you will handle your car with ease.

If you want your car to stay in top shape with improved longevity and power, then you should consider upgrading to performance parts in NJ, from your friends at AW Auto Parts & Repair!

How We Can Help

Our performance shop in Eatontown within Monmouth County has a highly qualified team of technicians who can assist you with all your needs. We value our customers and take pride in our exceptional service at unmatched prices. You will not find better performance parts in NJ over the stock we have. This is why we are one of the top auto part technicians in the state. We take care of your car just like it is our own. You can rest assured that your car is in good hands each time you visit.

Come to our performance shop today and let our team guide you in how you can improve your car with the help of performance parts in NJ. Also, check out our other available parts.