Used Auto Parts in New York – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

You need a part. You needed it yesterday. But your budget is limited, and you can’t get the right price from the dealership. Now what? You aren’t convinced that buying used parts is an option, yet you’ve been considering it. We’re here to tell you that buying a used part is a great option, no matter what type of car you drive.

Whether you are tinkering with a classic car or need to replace a part in the car that gets you from A to B, we can guarantee that our buyer’s guide will point you in the right direction and get you off to a great start. Consider it the perfect treasure map for the ultimate treasure hunt.

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1. Investigate and Compare

Research plays a big part in buying used auto parts. You don’t want to buy a dud or something that is not going to serve you well. Shop around, see what’s out there, hit the web, and start searching. You should always do some homework before settling for the first thing you come across.

Chances are, you’ll end up finding multiple sellers offering the same part. Next, you’ll have to compare the parts and the prices. Is it worth it? Are you willing to pay that price or would you be better off buying a new part from a dealership? Be ready with some questions if you decide to investigate a bit more, and always contact the seller directly.

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2. Verify Part Numbers

Now, this is probably the most crucial step in the whole process. You need to know what the part number is for the part you need to buy. Without that number, you won’t know whether or not the part you want to buy is compatible with your vehicle.

Simply phone your dealership and ask them for a list of parts and part numbers. You’ll soon see that some parts are more rare and unique than others, while some may influence the workings of other parts too. Verification of part numbers is the key to a successful buy!

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3. Check Mileage and Warranty

If you find a part and you contact a seller, be sure to ask whether the part comes with a warranty and what exactly this entails. This might not always be an option, depending on where you have sourced the part from, but it’s still very important to double-check.

You’ll also have to check whether or not the part is sold on an “as is” basis and whether it has been worked on or repaired before. This will give you an indication of the condition of the part and whether it’s worth it to go ahead and make the purchase.

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4. Ditch Duplications

This is where the part number comes in. During your treasure hunt, you may come across some folks selling duplicated parts. This is not the same thing as a used part, so we don’t recommend buying these parts. I repeat—avoid at all costs! Duplicated parts are generally unsafe and unreliable.

Always go to the seller to have a look at the part in person before paying anything. When looking at the part, be sure to check for any dead giveaways that the part is a duplicate, for instance, typos in the manufacturer’s name. If it doesn’t quite look like the part you’re after or if the logo seems wonky, it’s a no-go.

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5. Visit Junkyards

If you have scoured the web, posted queries in forums, and done everything (you think) humanly possible to find your part, it’s time to do it the old school way. Look up all the nearest junkyards, call them up or go and have a chat with the manager to find out what they have and whether they have any auto parts you’ll be able to view.

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty and digging for your part, take some tools with you to the site. If you find what you are looking for, you can remove it on site and walk away with your prize! This will also allow you to have a look at the condition of the part.

icon 03 - Used Auto Parts in New York - The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide Here’s a list of junkyards in New Jersey by Junk Car Medics and another listed on Yelp.

Benefits of Buying Used Parts

Next, we take a very brief look at some of the notable benefits you can expect when you start buying used instead of new auto parts. Some people might try to convince you otherwise, but experience has shown us that when you know what you are doing and where to look for parts, buying used parts is a fantastic option!

Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of buying used parts as opposed to buying expensive, brand new parts from your dealership.

icon 07 - Used Auto Parts in New York - The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide Convenient

If you know all the places and forums you can scour to find used auto parts, you’re only a click of a button away from getting the repair job done. Buying used parts conveniently cuts out the middle-man, and you can focus on getting your wheels on the road again.

icon 07 - Used Auto Parts in New York - The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide Affordable

The most obvious benefit is that used parts are more affordable than brand-new parts bought from dealerships. Just make sure you don’t buy a dud and you should get all the benefits at a fraction of the cost.

icon 11 - Used Auto Parts in New York - The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide Readily Available

Used parts are always out there. Whether you find them in junkyards or online, chances are you will be able to find that spare part you need immediately. Dealerships don’t always have parts readily available and might have to order them in from manufacturers. This can take weeks and will definitely up the cost.

icon 15 - Used Auto Parts in New York - The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide Environmentally Friendly

When buying used parts that are salvaged from an old car, you help the environment. That’s right, that old car part won’t be sent to the landfill, making the world a better place. Less scrap metal and more re-used materials is the way to go!

If you follow some of these handy tips, you should have no problem finding the best used parts out there. The most important step to take is to verify your part number with your dealership. Then, you can start scavenging for great deals! If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, contact AW Auto Repairs to do it for you. We are the experts in auto parts and repairs!

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